College Showcase Fund

Help our DJCT players attend out-of-state events

Every year we take our oldest teams to college showcases in Dallas, Raleigh, NC and Houston.  We make these trips so that our players will have the opportunity to show college coaches from around the country what they can do in the hopes of being offered spots on college teams and in many cases college scholarships.  For many of our players these showcases have resulted in fantastic opportunities.  The majority of our seniors who played on our top teams the last several years have gone off to play college soccer, several on substantial scholarships.  A few years ago one player who was going to have serious difficulty paying for college without soccer got more than 90% of his college education payed for because of attending and playing well in one of these showcases!!!  He’s a junior in college now and doing great.  He should have a college degree in about 2 years!


This year we have a number of our players for whom the cost of travel to these tournaments is prohibitive so we are asking for your help.  We are hoping to raise money to help cover these costs for 5 of our players.  We estimate costs for round-trip airfare, hotels and meals for all three trips to be around $1,200 per player so we are hoping to raise $6,000.  


How can you help?  Go to our Go Fund Me Campaign to make a contribution.  Here’s the link:


The first of these trips is in mid-November to Raleigh, NC where over 300 coaches will be searching for players.  Please consider making a potentially HUGE difference in a young man’s life by helping in any way you can.  Thank you so much in advance for your help.





Coach Mike Smith

Dynamo Juniors of Central Texas

College Exposure Coordinator