I am a former professional and college soccer player, and after my experiences at both levels I really believe I have gained a lot knowledge that i can teach our youth teams. I truly believe that soccer like so many other sports is 90% mental and 10% everything else. If you as a player have the right mindset about the game and you approach every practice and game thinking how can I get just 1% better today than I was yesterday, If that is your mentality you are already a step ahead. Natural God given talent is great but most good players will reach a certain level where every single player is just as good and has natural talent and that's when the great players separate themselves from the good players. I believing developing a great soccer player starts by strengthening their mentality, changing the way they think about the game, and their perception of handwork and practice. You should practice the way you will play, if you are giving 50% at practice thats what you will give during the game. 
We as youth coaches are in the business of developing young players, its not about winning or losing at this age group but we've lost sight of that. Before I can develop a young players touch and technique I first have to develop the players mind. Great players are never satisfied, they never stop learning and trying to get better so as a coach I've found that players with that attitude are more likely to succeed than players who might be more naturally gifted but have the wrong mindset. 
"Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard"