DJCT PK Challenge 2017

Quick Explanation:

In the time leading up to the PK Challenge DJCT players/parents get pledges for the event. 

                A donor pledges any amount of money they like.  The pledge will be multiplied by the

                total of how many goals the player’s team scores PLUS saves made by that team’s 

                keeper(s).  If a donor prefers to simply write a check they may of course.


DJCT Teams will be organized into Groups:

Tiny Dees - 09B, 09G, 09B Blue, 08B, 08G

Mini Dees - 07G, 06B Blue, 06B

Little Dees - 05B, 05G, 05G Blue

Middle Dees - 03G Blue, 03G, 04B

Junior Dees - 03B, 03B Blue, 01G, 02B Blue

Senior Dees - 02B, 01B, 00B, 00B Blue


Each team will take 25 penalty kicks against the keepers from other teams in their group

                Keepers from opposing teams in the same group take turns in goal

                Every player on a team must take at least one PK.


A team’s score is the total of the goals they score PLUS how many saves their keepers make

                Example:  If a team scores 16 goals and their keeper makes 5 saves that team’s score is 21


Each donor will contribute the amount they pledged multiplied by their team’s score

                In the example above if someone pledged $1 they would contribute $21

                Players will have 2 weeks to collect the pledges after the event and give all receipts to their 

team’s manager or coach to send to the club.  Make checks out to DJCT.

                Every player/family is asked to make an effort to collect $100 for this pledge drive.



                Players who are successful in collecting $100 or more will get a DundeeFest 2017 T-Shirt

                Teams that average $100 per player or more will get a pizza party at High 5 in Lakeway

                Group winners (based on average dollars collected per player – minimum $100/player) get the 

                pizza party plus a High 5 Player Card loaded with $10 for each player.   

                The Overall Club Wide winner (based on average dollars collected per player – minimum $100/player) 

                get the pizza party plus a High 5 Player Card loaded with $20 for each player.