Six DJCT Teams Head to CAYSA Playoffs, Nov. 16-17

DJCT had six teams from CAYSA Super 2 and Division 2 qualify for playoffs Nov. 16-17 in either San Antonio or Austin.   The 03G, 02G Holden, N-00B & N-98B all qualified for Super 2 playoffs being played in San Antonio, while the 03G Holden and N-03G Holden teams qualified for the Division 2 playoffs being held at Williamson County Regional Park in Austin.
The 03G finished the Fall 2013 season with a 7-2-1 mark and placed 2nd in the bracket of 11 teams, scoring the 2nd most goals (30) of the 22 teams playing Super 2.  Meanwhile, the 02G Holden team finished league play a perfect 8-0 in Super 2, being one of only two teams (out of 25) to go undefeated, scoring a league-best 28 goals.
The N-00B finished 2nd place in their bracket of 8 teams, compiling a 6-1 record.  The N-98B won their bracket of 11 teams with a 9-1 mark in the league.
The N-03G Holden placed 2nd in their group of 10 teams with a 7-2 record.  The 03G Holden placed 4th (out of 10) with a 5-1-3 mark. 

All six DJCT teams are looking to advance to the STYSA (South Texas Youth Soccer Association) Western District playoffs Dec. 7-8