Introduction To Soccer Gambling

Soccer gambling is so much fun but can be a little tricky for beginners to wrap their heads around. To help you make sharp bets and have a great time placing your money on games we are going to break down everything you need to know about soccer gambling.

Common Soccer Wagers

  • Soccer gambling is filled with all kinds of different terms and gamblers can make a variety of different wagers. To turn you into an expert let’s explain the most common terms!
  • 1X2 – This style of wager is also known as soccer match result betting. With a 1X2 wager, your goal is to correctly guess the outcome of a match and place your money on Team A to win, a draw, or Team B to win. It is the most popular style of soccer gambling
  • Draw no bet – This style of soccer wager is very similar to a 1X2. However, the key difference is if the match ends in a draw your stake is returned. Draw No Bet wagers have lower payouts than 1X2.
  • Double chance – Instead of merely receiving your stake back if a draw occurs your wager actually wins. It is called a double chance because it gives you two ways of winning the bet.
  • Accumulator or Parlay – With an accumulator you take multiple single wagers and combine them into one giant gamble. The odds are also combined which allows you to chase some huge payouts and win huge prizes based on a small stake. With an accumulator, the wager only wins if all of your combined predictions are accurate. For example, you may bet Chelsea and Liverpool to win their games and Sheffield to draw its match. Even with a tiny stake if you get these 3 wagers right you could win thousands.
  • Handicap – With a handicap wager a sportsbook places a goal penalty cap on a side and then turns every contest into a 50/50 match. For example, Man Utd is playing Burnley and Man Utd has a -1 goal handicap, if you place your money on Man Utd to win they have to win by 2 goals or more.
  • Over/Under – With an over/under wager, a sportsbook will estimate a number for a statistic and you have to guess whether it will be lower or higher. For example, the over/under line on goals may be set at 2 and if you take the under and only 1 goal is scored you win.
  • Half-Time – With this style of gambling, you aren’t interested in the full time result but only which side is winning at the half-time break. This type of bet is worth trying on major football events, like England Premier League or others.
  • Futures – Futures allow you to place your money on the outcome of a sports competition. For example, you can place your money on Arsenal to win the FA Cup at the beginning of the season.

Now you understand all of the possible soccer wagers on offer, it is time to pick your favorite and make some real bets!

Tips On Making Profitable Soccer Wagers

If you want to make successful bets, you need a helping hand. Check out some of our most useful tips below!
Bankroll management is everything – We recommend you only bet 1% to 2% of your bankroll on every single prediction. If you have a $5k roll only bet a maximum of $100.
Analyze each bet – Don’t just go making random bets or blindly supporting your favorite team. Treat every wager like an investment and study statistics!
Find amazing bonus deals – Sportsbook will hand out free wagers and bonus cash to attract new gamblers. These can help you grow your bankroll.
Focus on one soccer league – If you want to outsmart a sportsbook you need specialized knowledge. To build this knowledge you need to know the league better than the sportsbook.
Gamble on underdogs – You will go broke if you only back the favorite. You need to find underdogs that have a great chance of causing an upset.
With these simple tips and strategies, you can quickly transform yourself from a novice soccer gambler into a pro!

How To Find A Good Soccer Gambling Site?

Now that you have solid knowledge about soccer wagering, you have to find a legitimate sportsbook that will take your bets, look after money, and actually pay out your bets. To find a top site use our step by step criteria below:
Make sure they have a license – We recommend only betting with licensed sites as they are bound by strict regulations including safeguarding your money, encrypting their platform, and offering fair odds.
Analyze their soccer gambling markets – Once you have found a site with a license from a reputable gaming authority you need to make sure they actually allow soccer betting. The top sportsbooks let you gamble on games and leagues from around the world and make it easy
to make hundreds of different wagers on each game.
Check the different payment methods on offer – Before you consider depositing at a sportsbook you need to know the speed with which they process withdrawals and deposits, the number of methods, and what fees are involved. We recommend you stick to sportsbooks that allow you to deposit and withdraw via a range of methods including e-wallets, crypto, bank transfer, and credit and debit cards instantly and for free.
Check out all of their bonuses and promo deals – The last stage in finding your perfect sportsbook is seeing what promo deals they have available. These bonus offers can be worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. You can find a range of deals including cash back, bonus cash, and free wagers. These bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll and potential winnings. Make you check out multiple sites to help you find the ideal bonus.
If you compare every betting site you come across by the above criteria you won’t have any issues finding the very best sportsbooks that will provide you with an amazing playing experience.

Time To Place A Soccer Wager!

After checking out our soccer gambling guide you now have all the knowledge you need to make profitable bets. Remember to start off small and stick to a simple wager like a 1X2 bet. Go get them!