Dynamo Juniors of Central Texas Becomes Member of United Soccer Clubs (USC)
US Club Soccer's USC Adds West Division; 11 New Clubs will compete at 2004 and 2003 age groups in Fall 2016

Dynamo Juniors of Central Texas (DJCT) has officially joined US Club Soccer's United Soccer Clubs (USC) West-division expansion league for the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 season.  The USC, which is comprised of some of the top clubs from Austin, San Antonio and Houston, expanded in the West (Austin-San Antonio) to 11 new-member clubs for the Fall 2016 season.  

The USC is a group of clubs, comprised of professional full-time staffed members, focused on creating a better development environment for the very top level select player by getting away from the bureaucracy that has bogged down youth soccer, allowing club directors the chance to implement policies and standards that best suit player development.

These 11 clubs will place their top U-13 (2004's) and U-14 (2003's) boys and girls teams in the league with additional age groups coming the following year.  As a result, the expansion creates defined East (Houston-based) and West (Austin and San Antonio-based) Divisions.  The very top teams from the West and East divisions will be promoted and compete in the USC Champions League with opportunities to advance to US Club Soccer's National Premier League (NPL) Finals.

Initially, DJCT will be placing just our top 2004 & 2003 boy's and girl's teams in this new league.  Other teams in the 2004/2003 age groups, along with our other age levels, will continue to play in the STYSA/WDDOA/CAYSA leagues.  The new USC West Division will be the premier place for the very top players/teams to compete in the 2004 and 2003 age groups and are looking forward to our DJCT teams competing this Fall.

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