How To Make Money Betting On Soccer?

150 150 Beginner's Guide To Soccer Betting

Are you a huge soccer fan and looking for new ways to make cash? Then why don’t you combine your love of football with gambling to earn some extra money! In this guide, we are going to show you how to identify winning soccer bets. With these tips, you will be able to find the perfect game to wager on and give yourself a great shot at winning!

Which Soccer Team Has Won The Previous Game

Soccer is overflowing with different statistics that gamblers attempt to use to determine the winner of a match. By far the most accurate match result predictor is the head to head record over the last handful of games. Prior to gambling, you should watch the last 2 times the sides played against each other and analyze how and why the result occurred.
Remember to only compare the most recent encounters when both sides had the same lineup otherwise the result can not be used to accurately predict the outcome of the game!

Who Is Injured?

If you want to avoid lighting money on fire then you better double check the lineups for both sides prior to the game. Make sure you take note if any key players are being rested or are out with injuries. If Pogba is out would you still bet on Man Utd to win?
Once you are satisfied with the lineup each soccer side will be fielding you then should get a feel for how the two different lineups will mesh together. For example, if a team is famous for having trouble defending down the sideline and they are taking on a side with some lightning fast wingers then take your chance and back the side with the fast attackers!
Which Soccer Team Has Been Winning Lately And Playing Well?
In soccer betting, one team is always the favorite based on their roster, reputation, and previous success. However, oftentimes betting sites do not pay enough attention to recent results over the couple of previous weeks. We recommend betting against heavy favorites who have not been playing well and have looked very beatable in their previous performances. Ideally, you can find a live underdog who has shown glimpses of brilliance and is coming off some wins in their previous outings. While the style of wager is risky you can often receive very high odds which allows you to enjoy an incredible pay day.
To understand which teams are playing well and which need some significant improvement, just watch a few previous matches and take note of how many attacking opportunities they create, their passing accuracy, and any holes in their defense. If you study these factors you will be able to quickly identify the in-form soccer side.

Are Both Teams Motivated?

Soccer is a funny game in that oftentimes teams are not motivated to play their best and sometimes take it easy. This situation can often lead to big favorites losing to underdogs who are trying 100% to win. Because of the motivation issue we always recommend our readers stick away from betting on friendlies as the outcome is way too unpredictable.
We recommend you find matches, where the favorite is not motivated to play hard, while the underdog is in a, must win situation. Try to find games at the end of the season where a low ranked side needs to win to prevent being relegated while their opponent doesn’t gain anything by winning.
Time To Put These Tips Into Action!
What are you waiting for? Now you have all the soccer betting tips you need. It is time to find a game and put some money on it!