What Are The Best Soccer Wagers in 2021?

150 150 Beginner's Guide To Soccer Betting

Football gambling continues to explode in popularity as more and more gamblers want to test their luck and try to win some extra money. The industry is now worth many billions and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. To help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of soccer gambling we thought we would break down the most common and top soccer wagers you can make in 2021! With these wagers, you will give yourself a great chance of winning. Check out below!

1X2 – The Most Widespread Type

1X2 or a match outcome wagering is the most popular form of soccer gambling and makes up over 60% of all wagers made. It involves you trying to correctly predict the outcome of a match. You can either bet on Team A to win, a draw, or Team B to win. This style of betting is incredibly simple and you have probably been making 1X2 bets with your friends and families every time you sit down to watch a game even if no money has been exchanged. To boost your winnings, sportsbooks will offer you odds based on how likely they think a team is going to win. For example, a strong favorite may only pay out 1.3 to 1 while a big underdog could be paying out 3 to 1 or more.
1X2 wagers are super simple to place as you are only trying to predict the outcome of a single event and if you are a fan of a particular time you probably know exactly when they are playing well and when you should gamble against them.

Handicap – For Those Who Want to Boost Their Chances

Right up there with 1X2 bets in terms of soccer gambling is handicap wagering. It is unique and involves sportsbooks turning a game into a 50/50 contest by placing a fake goal penalty on the team that is expected to emerge victorious. For example, if Chelsea is playing Burnley then Chelsea may receive a 1 goal penalty. If you select Chelsea to win with a handicap, they have to win by 2 goals or more otherwise your bet loses. With handicap wagers, you will notice that the odds for betting on each side are exactly the same! It is the preferred way to gamble for sophisticated players as they find they are able to outsmart the bookmakers easier compared to other markets.
Handicap gambling in soccer comes in two distinct styles, Asian and 3 way. In Asian style, there is no chance of a draw occurring because the goal line is set as a fractional number. For example, Manchester City may have a -1.5 goal handicap, which prevents draws from occurring. With a 3 way handicap draws do happen as the line is a whole number. For example, Liverpool may have a -1 goal handicap and if you predict them to draw and the score ends 2-1 to Liverpool your bet pays out.

Double Chance – If You Do Not Like to Risk

With this type of wager, if you bet on a team to win your gamble also pays out if there is a draw. If you place a double chance wager on Arsenal to beat Chelsea, if there is a draw, you will still be a winner. This style of gambling is less risky but sportsbooks do not offer high odds. This gambling style is good for beginners who aren’t comfortable with losing frequently.

Time To Do Some Soccer Betting!

Now you know what the best soccer bets are, simply choose any from our list, create an account and throw some cash on your favorite soccer side! Whether you choose handicap or double chance, or another type of betting, start small and spread your risks to be a long-term winner.